“between something and nothing” 3/16/19


BETWEEN SOMETHING AND NOTHING, is a short visual art piece that features the cinematic direction and music by artist, and hopeful-electro-soul singer COR.ECE. It is a story consisting of 2 parts: “Console My Soul (Part 1)” and “Down on My Luck (Part 2),” boldly using a unique filmic language and soundscapes to tell a story that takes viewers on a journey that travels through grief, love, intimacy, security and vulnerability.

The characters, played by Cuban artist Carlos Martiel, Jarrett Key, Codify Art, and COR.ECE, use the spaces they occupy to stand firmly in the nuances of race and sexual identity. The conflict lies within the personal journey of trying to unearth the beauty of safety and conflict, beginnings and endings when societal messages say otherwise. 

 Both shot in black and white, part 1 invites us into COR.ECE’s revealing battle between optimism and the realization that reality can require self-reliance and the willingness to be uplifted by others. Part 2 drives home the unavoidable truth that tenderness and confrontation have their place in our nonlinear existence; it also pays homage to director Steve McQueen’s first film BEAR